To be a Club member in good standing, we pay our annual dues and meet the work hours requirement. This requirement of our by-laws is there to foster comraderie and fraternity of our membership, especially our newest members. It helps us take pride of “ownership” of our club property and buildings. We meet other members, form new friends and contacts. We may even learn new skills or mentor someone in a skill. 

Please consider some of the activities and tasks below that will count toward your required work hours (and feel free to suggest more!!). Also, for members who have already fulfilled their workhours requirement, please consider ways to continue supporting our club and connecting with your fellow members. 

Primary opportunities: 

Work at a Shoot! This includes everything from kitchen, bar, registration, to general set up and clean up, greeting shooters, walking the range as a safety officer, purchasing supplies for the shoot, baking treats for the shoot, etc. 

Work at a Shoot Workday! This important day is held on the Saturday before a shoot weekend. Tasks can range from mowing, trimming, cleaning, mulch spreading and to things like painting and burning. On workdays, tools will generally be supplied/available, but always feel free to bring your own! 

In between shoots/offseason – There is always mowing, trimming, leaf burning, raking, bathroom cleaning, wood stacking, windows/screens to wash, cobwebs to knock down, weeds to pull. You can help publicize our shoots by taking flyers to businesses or share with friends/family. You can step up to be elected as a club officer/range captain. 

Can you offer more suggestions?? Let us know!!

Work Hours Form