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Located in Bristol Wisconsin

A Family Oriented Club  Established in 1947


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  • Updated embedded Google Calendar (below) with all LBL Club Shoots and Waukegan Bowmen activities

2019 Waukegan Bowman Shoot Dates, Set up and Work Date Schedule



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March Indoor and MAC Qualifier Shoot March 2 & 3
MAC Qualifier Lucille Green  May 4th and 5th  April 27th 
WB LBL  June 8 -9  June 1 
Magic Mike's Hunter Prep Shoot Aug 10-11 Aug 3 
Halloween Shoot Indoor 3D Oct 26-27 Oct 19

Please remember that the range is CLOSED to shooting on scheduled work dates. 

We are now on FaceBook and YouTube! Please check us out under group name Waukegan Bowmen.
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