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Welcome to Waukegan Bowmen

Located in Bristol Wisconsin

A Family Oriented Club  Established in 1947


Thank You to all the came and helped out Big thanks to all who helped with today's Buckthorn removal. Nice to see new members Iliana Gutierrez and Phillip David!! Thanks also to Jim & Cookie Peters, Bill Kolanko, Carl Spaeth, Don Carman, Gordon Sobe, Ron Wagner, Herb Henderson, Sean Styx, Rich Adams, Mike Fortin and Ken Piktel. An area between targets 3 and 4 was cleared - way to go!!


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WB Big Game Form

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2019-2020 Dues were approved and remain $125 (plus $55 for new member initiation fee).  Dues are payable before the April 3rd meeting (this is a new bylaw requirement).  Checks should be written out to Waukegan Bowmen.  You may give Donna Fortin (Treasurer) your dues at a meeting/shoot or drop into the lock box in the indoor range.  Lastly, you can mail your dues to her at 9913-190th Avenue, Bristol, WI 53104. Please note, all club combinations will be changed shortly after that time and you will receive the new code when you pay your dues.

  • Updated embedded Google Calendar (below) with all LBL Club Shoots and Waukegan Bowmen activities


2019 Waukegan Bowman Shoot Dates, Set up and Work Date Schedule



Work Date
Work Hours Sheet

March Indoor and MAC Qualifier Shoot March 2 & 3

MAC Qualifier Lucille Green 

May 4 & 5  April 27 
WB LBL  June 8 -9 

June 1


July 6

Magic Mike's Hunter Prep Shoot Aug 10-11 Aug 3 

Halloween Shoot Indoor 3D

Oct 26-27

Oct 19

Please remember that the range is CLOSED to shooting on scheduled work dates. 

We are now on FaceBook and YouTube! Please check us out under group name Waukegan Bowmen.
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